'Sounds as if you are all spaced and stretched out on the floor' - Wooltone Spec
Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Wooltone Yes!

Wooltone Atlantic Tour - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -http://www.robclarkeandthewooltones.co.uk
Wooltone Tech Spec: 

Wooltone Atlantic Tour

The Sky at Night
Sibelius version
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                  WT-30 Leslie Combo(dark) 

Wooltone WT-30 Leslie Combo (dark) - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -http://www.robclarkeandthewooltones.co.uk‘This baby is just as good on keyboards or guitar – or guitar or keyboards.'

‘I didn’t want to believe something this small could have such large knobs’

‘Roger Wooltone- Smith has a winner on his hands with this- Leslie said it was almost like it had been built for him.'

Wooltone Normaliser 70 - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -http://www.robclarkeandthewooltones.co.ukWooltone Normaliser 70 

‘I’ve tried this on pretty much everything and it all somehow comes out more...normal’ 

‘Ate up my batteries in minutes- brilliant’ 

'A worthy follow up to the inimitable 

Wooltone Wormaliser 

The inimitable Wooltone Wormaliser - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -http://www.robclarkeandthewooltones.co.uk

'It really wormed up my digital mixes. Bravo!'

Wooltone Tablatone 67 electronic percussion instrument - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -http://www.robclarkeandthewooltones.co.ukWooltone Tablatone 67analogue electronic percussion (includes DI and self adjusting volume) 

'Wow - I've hit it, dropped it, fused it and smoked it - this unit smashes any other electronic tabla in this price range'

'The best tabla I've played this decade' - Ravi Shankar