Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Wooltone Yes!
                     Get MMMaxxed with The Wooltone Maxi Single!
                     Its a Sizzling Sausageworth For Your Sixpence!

Wooltone workshop - Rob Clarke and The Wootones -

Wooltone Factory - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -
‘Buttoned and braced in all manner of coolly coalescing smoked paisley pop purrs… one of those rare beasts plucked and fashioned from the finest threads of a lost time in pop’s rich past… in short pure class’ -Mark Barton ‘Thesundayexperience’.

'I was well and truly Wooltoned… I feel like I've grown an extra arm and a head lately but the improbability factor of that is falling rapidly causing one arm to drift off into space… watch them evolve your mindset of the future. Sound great shakes' – Frank Marvin Tonal-Viz 

‘A Sizzling Sausageworth For Your Sixpence!’ - Woolton Young Farmers


Wooltone Maxi advert - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -
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Monkey Mind - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones
Directed by Frank Marvin Toner Viz - from the Toner Viz archive

‘Night and Day for me it turned out to be day and night, not so unusual as these Bank Holidays go. The Wooltones Bus into this Northern city depleted my bourbon flask somewhat.  Yes this is the North West UK folks. Bustling City with Springtime Fair in the Air, the people on the street giving me that NY feel to this evening’s quarter.

Rob Clarke and The Wooltones go Big on stage and enter the room with deep resonance.  Now way beyond three minute psychedelic pop, eyes open to a Tele visual effect and some glancing silhouettes of the Dancing. We Commence getting giggy with them now. Hazy daze of Summer! Wooltoned whilst on one’s day trip / night out, god damn it - it’s the best! Sound Expensive - far out!

And then the MMMaxi spins - Goes Ape and opens a door in my Monkey Mind.Am I here? Are You There? Are We Here?  Either way it’s not the End Of The End.Sleeve notes over. Where’s me tea?’ – Frank Marvin Tonal-Viz