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Rob Clarke - About a Time album cover -
About a time

This could be an ending and the start of the middle or the middle of the beginning but in any case it’s definitely not the end of the end of the's Rob Clarke’s third album, About A Time. 

10 pop/folk/country confections featuring vocals, guitar, pedal steel, flute, piano and many other well known musical instruments

10 song About A Time album CD - £6.50 - Jewel case with full front and back artwork and insert 

‘His warm voice and sensitive musicality (and) …memorable songs that somehow evoke the spirit of Liverpool, and will touch the heart of many’ – Liverpool Echo

‘His work has an honest tone and quality which makes his finely crafted music all the more listenable’ – The Harmless Musician

‘This is my type of music- the type that works its way into the brain so well that you find yourself singing it to yourself in your head or occasionally (as in my case) out loud at work and that for me is the sign of a great song’ – Liverpool Acoustic

Produced and Mastered by Fran Ashcroft for Happybeat 
Recorded at no4 studios - A Staff Only Recording

Rob Clarke Portraits album cover -

'Portraits - some small sketches, stories, companions and strangers, heirs, crusaders, magpies and passersby. Or an artist, two footballers and a hedgehog’ 

Rob Clarke’s second album, Portraits released 21 February 2010.

North To West
Night Passers By
That’s Why (You're a Friend to Me)
Tracey Emin's Blues
Our Friend In America
Wing Chaser
The Heirs Of Johnny Cash
Ball Of Fire
North to West

‘Achieves its goal of holding the listener in an intimate spell and it doesn’t let go’– HM Mix

‘North to West transports me to heaven’’ – The End

Produced and Mastered by Fran Ashcroft for Happybeat - Recorded at The Garage 

10 song Portraits album CD - £6.50 - Jewel case with full front and back artwork and insert 

Rob Clarke - Long Way North album cover -

Something wondrous in the tradition of the great folk recordings comes your way with Rob Clarke's warm and timeless Long Way North featuring 

The Long Way North
For A Song
If You're Looking For Love
Zero Not One
Don't Ever Put Down Your Pen
Unfaithful Friend
If Everyone Is Someone

10 song Long Way North album CD - £6.50 - Jewel case with full front and back artwork and insert 

‘Seriously good...a peach’ - Catapult

‘Takes a moment and wraps it in poetic thought’- Nerve Magazine Amanda De Angeles

A Staff Only Recording - Produced by Fran Ashcroft 
Released September 17, 2008


Ya lowdown yeller bellied two timing Marlboro varmints!

Wheel out the Welcome Wagon for a gen-u-ine, Old Nashville-is-the-new-Nashville pedal-steeled drive-thru debut ALBUM, introducing/from Rob Clarke and/with the Brown Bears.

'Channels equal parts good ‘ol country honky-tonk with influences from his almost namesake: Gene Clark, of The Byrds, adding a touch of fuzzy ‘60s garage sounds replete with close cropped harmonies to the classic pedal steel and twang! There’s also a bit of Neil Young and Johnny Cash influence, making this the ultimate ‘60s singer/songwriter experience…but sounding like Rob through and through' - International Pop Overthrow

'Another Country Song’, with Rob’s vocals in crystal clear melancholy and the swaying beat in full flow, it’s a true tribute to the music they draw from and a beautifully classic sad song' - For the Country Record
Released 25th July 2015                     Click here to buy