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A Case of Wooltone - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -
A Case of Wooltone

We're told there are a thousand stories in the city. 

If so, how many tales other than those of ill considered extensions and landscaping horrors currently lie behind the laundered nets of suburban Woolton, the village idyll due south of Liverpool?

Yet here from this most salient of circumstance has arisen what I now know as 'the Wooltone story' (see also 'About Wooltone').


Are You Wooltoned cover - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -
Undeniably 'Are You Wooltoned?' bursts from the needle in a swoon of reverbed vocals propelled by Hoonose Pepe's artistically charged custom drum kit as if from the pages of the sociological tomes until recently available for free only from the village public library.

EXHIBIT B: the rapid spread of Wooltone!

Wooltone European Tour - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -
Whereas 'Colours (of the Sun)' wafts across the listener in an ill wind of guitar and GP Chester's sung bass as if the local Victoriana era swimming pool had just benefitted from a fresh chlorine delivery and a free Gok Wan makeover. 

But to what unseen force must we attribute these most perplexing and invigorating events? I must put down my pen - the game is afoot! 

(name and address supplied).

A Case of Wooltone - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - to Diary 8TH March
mOST recent events hAVE once again drawn ME to the 'WOOLTONE' flame - as if I am no more than a senseless moth drawn to its LIGHT. What disquieting yearnings their sinuous RHYTHMIC couplings induce? I have searched in vain for the no doubt assumed identity 'MARK BARTON' - and more lately the source of the latest Transatlantic interventions from the pen of 'FRANK MARVIN tONER VIZ'. Yet what manner of hidden CODES and meanings lie under this web of unexplained EVENTS? And who might these authors of 'WOOLTONE' be - and most importantly - what now are their AIMS? I believe the 'WOOLTONE GROUP' can only be an aggregate of individuals with a potent BEAT sufficient to induce a FRENZY on a geographical scale that must induce the most morbid of my FEARS. Therefore I must not rest let alone SLEEP! - I shall take up my hat and cape straightaway - TAXI! - to THE HEAD OF STEAM LIME STREET! - (name and address supplied)
January - A Study in Brown - 
Once more I sense the gathering menace - I see brown where others see only the most harmless  of colours. Only this day I received the most alarming of correspondence relating to that most confounded of visitations from the Wooltone spectre .... I must act immediately sO that once more we may face the future without the brown THREAT! which hangs above us once more - there is little time left - Doctor, my hat and cape! - (A wellwisher)

December - Another Christmas record?  I had no intimation of any earlier occurrence. A most perplexing question. No DOUBT  a harbinger of some mystifying omen to BOOT. I  will confound this most WORRYING and perplexing notion! To work!