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Top selling USA Import album on Kool Kat Musik now available at Bandcamp

'The Wooltones pull off some incredible twists and turns.  Imagine Donovan writing for early Cheap Trick – or, perhaps, vice versa' - Goldmine Magazine

Latest singles 'Brown Paper Bag' released on 08.08.16 and 'The Lost and Forgotten People of Baab' released on 11.10.16. Get them here! and here!

'This track from Clarke and Co will have you on your feet dancing like it’s 1965. Simply brilliant' - The Pentatonic

'adorably possessed of a hookline so insidiously infectious you’ll need to resort to a session of trepanning to remove' - the sunday experience 

Other recent singles 'Iron Eyes Cody' released 17.02.16 and 'Mind The Gap, Henry Beck' on 11.04.16. Get them here!

First single 'Are You Wooltoned?' was released on 07.02.13. Then the Wooltone Maxi Single 'Are We Here' was released on 29.07.13. 

The Wooltone 'BROWN SINGLE' was released on 20.01.14.  

'The World of The Wooltones' album was released on 30/04/14.  CLICK BELOW TO BUY YOUR COPY OF 'THE WORLD OF THE WOOLTONES' HERE! 

The World of The Wooltones sleeve - out spring 2014
The World of The Wooltones - spring 2014

The Wooltone Brown Single cover
Click here to buy the brown single!  ‘Having already been the cause of swooning fits not just once but twice with both ‘are you wool toned’ and ‘the maxi single’ hugging the turntable upon release, the blighters achieve something of a rare feat in these pages by the delivery of a third helping of dandified dansette grooviness... ...these darlings come swaggering in the kind of authentic smoking cool 60’s apparel that suggests they’ve just sauntered from out of the back way of a magical shop through some kind of a time portal…. sumptuously honey glazed in a shit faced tab toking aura so laid back its almost comatose ….Essential – like you hadn‘t already guessed’ - Mark Barton 

The Wooltone Brown Single 2014 -
Many have said the concept album is a thing of the past. 

However bear with us for a moment - we at Wooltone have devised a novel solution – a concept album reduced to the length of a pop single! We’re talking about replacing the entire content of a conventional concept album in a mere 8 minutes! 

The eternal questions of good v bad, day and night, the ying and the yang, Dark Matter And The Universe = Business and Butter.  

It makes sense when you think about it. But you must think about it very hard - for about 8 minutes. Another great idea from Wooltone! 

Buy it on now on Bandcamp: 

Wooltoken - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Brown Single

Look out for The Wooltone Challenge  - coming your way!

Bringing 'Limited Edition' collectability to its logical conclusion, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible - to buy this record at all.

Hence, we also encourage listeners to take The Wooltone Challenge

Just follow these simple instructions -

1.     Collect 3 Wooltokens found in Facebook posts over 7 days in January 2014.
2.     Email these together with a jpeg copy of a brown manila envelope hidden in another Wooltone post to
3.     Wooltone will then send an order form by return to be completed in BROWN ink only.
4.     Buyers must scan the order form, print, and return in a BROWN manila envelope with a PayPal payment for £3.00.
5.     Upon the successful completion of these steps Wooltone will mail a Wooltone wav and artwork file by return containing the Wooltone Brown concept single. It’s as easy or complicated as that!

Wooltone Maxi Single advert - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - MMMaxxed with the Wooltone Maxi - A Sizzling Sausageworth For Your Sixpence - only 100 copies - why not buy them all?

‘You just can’t beat mock ape sounds on a pop platter’ – Mark Barton

'The zeitgeist has been found, the spirit of the moment captured and locked away, this is a great bunch of songs performed by a great set of musicians’ – Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision 

‘Psychedelic, colourful and exuding memories of better days. It makes you just want to go out and have as much damn fun as is legally possibly and to keep it locked away for posterity! These are tunes for Jukeboxes, turntables, gramophones’ – Kerry Barrett Turley, Tilt Shift Music 

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Video Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - 'Butter' from the Brown Single - released 20th January 2014

Wooltone maxi front cover - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Maxi back cover - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones-


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Are We Here By Rob Clarke and The Wooltones

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Wooltone Flag - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - at the Lomax Sun 10.02.13 Review: Frank Marvin tonal Viz writes:
Frank Marvin Jnr - Viz Toner - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -'In the City Center it's the end of another weekend... the rain is falling out of the sky and catching the glow of the neon lights in a kaleidoscope of colours. "Are We Here" someone spoke. If it's possible to fall upstairs I think that's what occurred next, then through a door I find myself grounded in The Lomax this place of legends a true front line venue. Beer and music followed and to round off the evening I understand why I am here. Yes its the WOOLTONES with their mystical brand of musical delights. I am starting to realize that this is more than a mere band. As soon as they ask "are you Wooltoned" its like the time between this and their last event never existed. I am definitely and undeniably, it would seem, in the here and now once again normalized. Others are being Wooltoned too - you can tell as they take to the dance floor instantly creating new joyous dance moves. What is this that I am experiencing? Its like the whole place has become one, a universal moment for everyone present. I now know that this band will take me and you on a very special journey and the best thing is everyone's invited. Just show up and become part of it. If you aint been Wooltoned yet you haven't lived! Sound Mystical!' 
  Wooltones on Fruits de Mer -click the crab!:
Are YOU Wooltoned?
From the hippest pop spot in England – Are You Wooltoned? a driving foot tapper with all the punch and liveliness you could ask for, and the beguiling transcendent Colours (of the Sun). Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Rob Clarke And The Wooltones.  (dear listener, I must ask – are YOU Wooltoned?) - Diskah
Wooltone Visit - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones -‘This is the one for me’ – Fruits de Mer  
Tip- top!’ – Catacoustic UK 

‘Love it! The quality of the recordings- it sounds very 60’s in a good way’ – Phuknose 

‘What a buzz – almost blew a hole in my conservatory!’ – Woolton Rifle Club                                                                                               'So cool, reminds me of Beatles'-  Voitenko

 Review by the legendary Mark Barton
'Rolled up in Rizlas and smoking the finest and rarest essences blended of  The Byrds and Wimple Winch  all subtly turned and tanned in sunny 60’s west coast kisses, ’are you wool toned’ due for release in February is the debut offering from Scouse-a-delic psych soulsters Rob Clarke and the Wool tones - a superb sub 4 minute 60’s odyssey clipped in kaleidoscopic swirls and fashioned in the finest fuzz frilled threads, quite possibly the coolest platter outta Liverpool since those mop top loving dudes the Tables but then who are we to say'. 

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Wooltone Postcard - Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - 


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